KFLP is offering a Forestry option in addition to the Wildlife and Entomology options. This option is for the student that has a serious interest in learning more about Kentucky’s forests. Students enrolled in the Forestry option will spend much of the week learning the basics of forest surveying and management. The students will complete a survey of the forest in the same 80-acre forest plot that is being investigated by the Wildlife and Entomology students. At key points during the week, the Forestry, Entomology and Wildlife students will share their findings and work together to solve real-life forest management problems while creating a forest management plan. The student’s will be busy from dawn ‘til dusk (and beyond) during the program. The Forestry students will get to complete a forest survey to determine tree species composition as well as timber volume of the property. In addition the students will also learn about:

  • Tree identification
  • Land surveying
  • Soil science
  • Fire management
  • Kentucky wildlife
  • Water quality evaluation
  • GPS and GIS (computer mapping)

The Forestry students will also get the opportunity to learn about careers in the forestry field as well as college degree options such as Forestry, Wildlife, Forestry, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and Entomology.

Students will work with forestry, wildlife and entomology specialists from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service along with experts from the Kentucky Division of Forestry, Kentucky Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Kentucky Division of Conservation. This team of professionals will work with students throughout the week as they develop their ecological investigation and other projects.

For more information or questions about this option contact Laurie Thomas (laurie.thomas@uky.edu) or (859) 257-2703.